10 second powertrain part out


I just break stuff!
Cold snap hit San Antonio a week or so ago and I was unprepared, had my car out of the garage overnight while working on my daughter's car in the garage. First time this car has spent the night outside in 12 years. Forgot I only had water wetter in it and no antifreeze. Yep, cracked the block. Life has a way of reminding us that we are not as smart as we think we are sometimes. Car was pulled 20 feet into the garage after the freeze and I saw the freeze plug on the ground, hasn't been driven since. Good oil pressure, no milkshake in the oil.

This car has ran a best of 10.40 at 132 mph in the quarter mile with a 1.55 60 foot on pump gas and alky. I have video, timeslips and a magazine mention in GM High tech, it is a proven 10 second set up. I think with the suspension tuned and a race gas tune, this car could touch 9s. I drove this car to the prom in 1992 and know every inch of it. I am parting out this drivetrain to put in another later, that I have not decided on yet. Going either LS or Stage motor. I will begin collecting parts soon for either and I will entertain trade offers accordingly.

1. Powerstroke front mount intercooler with 3" pipes, all silicone fittings and t-bolt clamps $350- Sold
2. Powerlogger $175- Sold
3. Scanmaster $150- Sold
4. Stock ECU $75 (Modified for power logger)- Sold
5. 70mm Accufab throttlebody $200- Sold
6. 70mm Hemco upper plenum $200- Sold
7. TE45AGTQ turbo $400- Sold
8. Innovative LC-1 Wideband $100 Sold
9. Knock gauge $50- Sold
10. Razor's Alkycontrol methanol injection kit with dual nozzle upgrade and 3 bar MAP. (Pump is at least 6 years old, it still works, but plan on needing a new one so I priced accordingly) $350- Sold
11. Stock lower intake manifold. EGR milled out and welded up. Gasket matched to FELPRO 1000 or 1002 gaskets, I forget which ones but I will be able to tell you once removed. $250- Sold
12. 60 # injectors with Turbotweak alky chip version 6.0 for 60# injectors. $250
13. 80# injectors with Turbotweak alky chip version 5.6. I never ran these, I bought them used off the board but never installed them. $250 Sold
14. CAT 20 Bolt Girdle $150?? (Need a little time before I can ship this). SOLD
15. 3 inch downpipe, clears stock and TA Performance headers. Internal waste gate, I think it is a G-Body version of the THDP. Has the standard minor ding from frame clearance. Cut out included, $350- Sold
16. TA Performance race headers, the mild steel version. With v-band clamps, no issues other than the ceramic type paint is a little ugly from oil stains. $550-Sold
17. Translator plus and LS1 MAF with long pigtail extension $180.-Sold
18. TA replacement front cover with standard volume oil pump 1500 miles on it since bought new in 2014. $100 - Sold
19. Belt Tensioner $125- Sold
20. Engine wiring harness-Has a splice for the translator plus. The plug for the tachometer (behind the alternator) is cut. The oil pressure sensor switch rubber is eroded, but the connections are still there. $150- Sold
21. 105 amp Alternator $75 Sold
22. Water pump $$?? Sold
23. Power steering pump $50-Sold
24. RJC black anodized pullies- Let me get them off and some close up pics, they have quite a few scratches on them I have covered up with sharpie marker over the years.-Sold
25. AC compressor bought new last year $125, AC lines $150, other AC components $Best offer- Sold
26. High torque lightweight mini starter $150
27. Cold Air intake pipe and large K&N filter $70-Sold
28. Accessory brackets, yes I have all of them, let me know what you need with an offer.-Sold
29. Anything else in the engine compartment, just ask. I do plan on keeping the F-Body Radiator and dual fan setup.
30. Real Art Carr 19930 NLU torque convertor 3200-3400 stall. $400 Sold
31. Solid 200-R4 Built transmission-Billet input shaft, billet forward drum, and billet anchor pin. Fully rollerized in the front, center support and lower. Deep pan by Lee Thompson, CK Performance shift kit, RED Alto band, extra steels and clutches added. .550 and 500 valves. New 10? or 11? vane front pump, dual fed with 295 line pressure last time I checked. I can make a video showing current line pressure if interested. Governor has been been pinned and lightened to shift at 5800 rpm. Oversized GM accumulator, but not a billet piece. I rebuilt the transmission under the direct supervision of Lee Thompson. Has 3000 street miles on it with zero track passes. $1500- Sold
32. HR Parts-n-stuff motor mounts $175 (Need a little time before I can ship these)-Sold
33. Excellent running coil pack and ignition module $150
34. Turbo 6 EGR block off plate $20- Sold
35. Accufab AFPR- I rebuilt this a few years ago trying to chase down a problem, no issues $75.-Sold
36. Duplicate- Sold
37. 3? foot stainless steel braided line and fuel pressure gauge. Fits stock fuel rail and will reach under windshield wiper to verify pressure while driving. $80
38. CK Performance transmission book 2nd Edition $60
39. Low reverse removal tool $70 Kent Moore J 28542-A Sold
40. Custom made line pressure hose and gauge. Used to verify line pressure while sitting in the car, reads up to 300 psi. $100
42. Stainless braided turbo oil drain with all fittings $55 I have two of these, one on the car one not. One lost in the mail?? and one stuck in the block- That I owe to 696
43. Hot Air fuel pump hot wire kit $30
44. AC Delete pulley and bracket $50

xx. Longblock parts that should be available (Let me get them checked before I post prices, since the block is damaged.)
Stock STD/STD crankshaft- $200
Forged Speed pro pistons hung on stock 2 dot rods-$175- Sold
COMP cams 206/206 roller camshaft, 885 lifters and cam button- Sold
Rollmaster timing chain- Sold
Ported 8445 Heads with oversized Ferrea sodium valves, lots of port work done, but never flowed. Springs are for a hydraulic roller cam.- Sold

All parts are located in San Antonio TX, 78233. Local pick up is preferred but I will ship at buyer's expense. Paypal accepted if you cover the 3% fees, otherwise I need cash or a postal money order. Don't like the price, make an offer. If you would like pics, just ask and I can post them here or text them to you.

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I am interested 2,4,5,10,16,17,20,27,28,31,32,35,36 and COMP cams 206/206 roller camshaft, 885 lifters and cam button
Rollmaster timing chain
Ported 8445 Heads with oversized Ferrea sodium valves, lots of port work done, but never flowed. Springs are for a hydraulic roller cam.

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I am interested 2,4,5 ,10,16,17,20,27,28,31,32,35,36 and COMP cams 206/206 roller camshaft, 885 lifters and cam button
Rollmaster timing chain
Ported 8445 Heads with oversized Ferrea sodium valves, lots of port work done, but never flowed. Springs are for a hydraulic roller cam.

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Interested on the TE45 turbo, RJC pulleys and Power steering pump. Please text me pictures, info and price shipped to 21901, I'll PM you my number.
How much for 13 without the chip shipped to 03064?
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