10 second powertrain part out

Joe what the hell happened?? You must have your head up your butt!!! Sorry man!! I looked at your avatar and I couldn't help it!! Good luck with the new build!!
Interested in #15 if no one claimed it.

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Also some pictures of the pipe
Holy crap I didn't know it could get that cold in san Antonio. Sorry for your misfortune. Had this happen to me last year. Luckily it didn't compromise the engine but wreaked havoc on the water pump fins when I cranked it up. This year I emptied the radiator early December.
This was just mother nature's way of telling me it is time for a new engine. Still tearing the engine down right now. I will go through the responses and PMs this evening to let everyone where they are in line for parts. Can start shipping parts out next Tuesday. Thanks for your patience.
buy a block, get it machined for your pistons, put all your old junk in the new block.....

ok, maybe new rings and bearings.....

PMed you about all accessory brackets

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Interested in 6,7,16
Hemco, 45a, headers
Pics if possible...thanx
Sorry to hear about your car, this summer i crashed mine caught in freak rain storm. How do you know the block cracked? Maybe the freeze plug did its job, this happened to my boat. Popped it back in and never had a problem. That said, place me in line for that accufab throttle body,thanks Gene