Compression Test - High readings?


I just did a compression test on my engine (cold - 10W30 - wet cylinders) and got values a lil high:

1- 195psi
2 - 199psi
3 - 198psi
4 - 194psi
5 - 192psi
6 - 200psi

Isnt this a little high for a TR? I thought it was supposed to be in the 150psi range?! Is this bad or just a factor of how i tested the cylinders? Also, the readings are after about 5-6 rotations and are stable as well. I did a CR calculation and i am about 9.2:1.
You should perform the compression test when the car is warmed up...

I dunno. I checked my comp. #'s after 7,000 mi. and I had exactly 160 across the board.. And I checked mine after it warmed up with the TB at WOT...

Maybe U have a bad comp. gauge??? That's pretty high for a Somewhat stock V-6!!

Shaved heads, block???

My stocker had 150 across the board for comp. :D
OK tats what i kinda figured. Im gonna do the test again after it has run for a little and see what i gots