cylinder 1 spark plug oddity

PS I see it has iron head because of plug reach Its got injectors the size of a 5 gallon bucket lots of cam and a big hairdryer.
I see the need for two nozzle.
Im saying plug issues and too close a gap. you have a TR6 open the gap to .035 tell you start seeing 30 plus boost.
Yes, it has Champion iron heads. The spark plugs were read after 85 miles of street track time. Just pulled the plugs and did a compression test for a general check on how everything is going and to see if there were any problems. Guess I found one lol! With this one plug reading being different than the others, the motor still runs well and there were no problems that would have indicated this. No WOT blasts yet as I want to take it easy until everything is performing as it should...but have gotten into mid boost levels around 20psi or so. I went with dual nozzles because I'd rather have them and not need thel..rather than need it and not have it. Also, I felt it was a good idea for dual nozzles for future growth purposes. Nozzles are a M10 and M15.
Interesting post from Lonnie about the distribution of alky vs g-forces under acceleration. Not that I'm running anywhere near the big HP guys, but this theory may have something to do with the problem I'm experiencing.

I ran the pump on the other side of the car and ran a line across the front to it.
It counteracts the potential problems of g force related issues.
No, injectors haven't been flowed. Guess that's a must being that they went from running E85 to pump gas, huh?
AFR dips into the high 10s and o2 volts are in the 840 range.
Haven't verified pump pressure, and the alky pump was replaced in 2016.
What plug and gap would you recommend?
Injector flowed is a must at this point.
You need to verify fuel pressure on the alky system and on the rail.
Flying blind is no good.
You are seeing an issue there for sure.
Top of the list before you cook a cylinder.
Also I would run the afr in the high 10s on a car that is making power.
You have no cushion.
The wideband doesnt read individual cylinders.
You could have one at 11.5 and another one at 10.6.
Thank you so much...this is why I love this place. To do list: alky pressure tester, get injectors flowed(Chuck ya there?), and get the proper plugs.
Hope to get the injectors sent out next Saturday. Very curious as to what cylinder #1 shows. FWIW, the injectors are made by Injector Dynamics and/or Bosch and are 1300cc, or 124lb...and are the purple ones shown in the link. ID1300-XDS - Injector Dynamics