Computer module gone bad



Finally i took my 86 gn to my mechanic after it just died going to work. I assumed fuel pump or relay gone bad. Got some good feedback from this site for some basic things to check. He plugged his computer tester/reader into the port and it is not communicating with the computer module at all. Has anyone have one of these just go bad? If so, can they repaired. If i need one, is ebay the place to go and is there i should or look for if need to purchase one. thanks
I recently had one fail. It quit sending the signal to the fuel pump. Returned it to Autozone for a new one, lifetime warranty. I've read on this site that brand new ones are no longer available. Always pays to carry a spare of everything in the trunk.
Does the CEL/SES light up at key-on, engine-off? If not then check the fusible link by the battery and the ECM/IGN fuse (10 A).

Happened to me once when water got into the ECM via the antenna hole. Once I dried it out, the car ran fine.
Is the orange wire by the battery the fuseable link correct? This is the only source of power to the computer module?
Is there a wiring diagram or schmatic on the site i get a copy for reference for my mechanic. thanks
The orange wire by the battery is the fusible linked power to the ECM. This is the power feed that the ECM uses when powered up. The ignition switch input to the ECM tells the ECM when to power up and power down. See pins A6 (ignition) and C16 (battery) :