Connector help


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Apr 19, 2022
Hello, I recently purchased a running/driving 1987 GN from an old friend in poor heatlh. The car has some modifications and much of the engine wiring harness has been spliced over the years. I'm in the process of replacing the auto parts store connectors with soldered or more reliable parts. There's a connector coming out of the harness that exits the front of the loom on the driver side that I'm unable to identify. It had a (non-stock) wire plugged into it that switches it over to a round, barrel-style plug in connector. I have been unable to find the male end of the connector so I'm hoping someone can identify the original connector attached to what appears to be a gray wire with a black tracer.

The alternator on the car is a one wire unit and two of the three original wires were snipped off. The chassis service manual doesn't list a wire with that color for the charging system, so I'm assuming it must be part of a different circuit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I was able to determine from the manual and one of the forum threads that the wire in question (gray with black connector) is for the fuel prime. What I've been unable to figure out is where the connector plugs in. I've searched the area extensively for any hint of where it goes, but without any luck. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.
The grey wire with the black connector is a way to apply voltage to the fuel pump. It doesn't plug in anywhere. You can take the opposite end of the hood light & power the fuel pump to help you empty the tank.

Not sure what's going on with the green wire plugged in to the connector.
Thanks very much for the info. When I took all the duct tape off the various wire bundles, this connector with the green wire attached dropped out. Somewhere along the line a PO cut most of the engine harness wires and reconnected them with butt splices. My guess is that the green wire was added to extend the wire so it would reach the black/orange hood light wire, which had been cut and the female connector replaced with a different end. I found the hood light wire laying loose along the firewall. The modified end prevented it from being plugged back into the light.

Thanks again for the help!
It’s not cheap but Casper’s Electronics sells a new & improved complete harness. If the wiring is as butchered as you describe, it may not be a bad idea.

These cars are finicky enough to begin with not to mention 30+ year old wiring that has been hacked up.
I ran across the engine harness on one of my Google searches. I may invest in it as a winter project. Right now, I'm trying to repair what I can so we can attend some local cruises with the car. I ran across Casper's at the Buick Nationals in Bowling Green some years ago when we went with the friend I bought this car from. I purchased a WeatherPak kit from them and have refilled it on a number of occasions. They're a first class operation. Thanks again.