Considering buying a GN...:)


Hi, guys,
I'm considering buying a GN and was wondering if there are some sites where I can see what mods are most common for new owners. (i.e. what's the best way to spend $2k, $3k, $4k, etc. when building a 3.8T). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

check out the performance recipies pages...that site is god:D

it doesn't take much to make these cars fast at all...just gotta have the brains and patience!
Great! Thanks for the site. If you guys had the choice to do it over again, would you buy a stock GN and build it up or buy a partially/fully built car to begin with? I assume the latter option would be cheaper in the long run, but being relatively unfamiliar with GN's in general, I'm not sure how much cheaper. Thanks again!
if i was older and had more money i would have a BONE stock 87 t-top GN and then have my higher mileage GN i drive now a mostly drag car but still streetable...

i also want a GNX someday too but yeah right...might as well buy myself a brand new zo6 corvette for that kind of money!
If you've got money to spend, get a stocker and start modding. If your on a budget like 99% of us here, then try to find one that has slight modifications. If you can find one that has all the basics done, then you are ahead of the game. One that has had a new fuel pump, valve springs, scanmaster, timing chain, exhaust etc installed, then you can start with the performance mods rather than getting it ready for the go fast parts.
Thanks for the replies, guys. I was wondering how much it typically costs to run mid-10's (like in the "10 second recipe" on the site above)? I want to use good parts but am definitely on a budget. Also, are there any good websites that compare the different available aftermarket turbos? Thanks again.
Its not cheap to go mid 10s. After mid to low 11s you will start breaking parts. Lets just say you have a good running engine, and you want to run mid 10s the right way, meaning you can do it several times. Not, run one 10.50 and then have to rebuild the motor.

Heads - $1500
turbo - 1000
downpipe - $500
exhaust - 500
converter - 1000
injectors - $700
fuel pumps - $500
Wheels and tires - $500 (cheap)

You will also probably need a cam, lifters, rockers etc. While the actuall parts arent too expensive, the installation is.

If you pay someone to do all of this expect at least another $1000 - $1500.

I'm leaving out several small things also. You'll need a scan tool $300, race gas $80 a pop etc.
Thanks for the help, Black6Pack. The more I read about these cars, the more impressed I become:). Thanks again.