Considering selling my 19k miles 1987 GN

I'm considering selling my 1987 low mileage (about 19K) GN. I don't want to go into the details of the car because I haven't made a decision yet, but the only mods to the car are bolt-ons, and the car is in great shape, except for the normal/expected problems. The issue is that if I do sell it, I want to sell it to someone who can see it in person to make sure he sees exactly what he's getting. Also, I don't want to go thru the hassle of shipping the car. The car is about 50 miles south of Houston. I am the 2nd owner (bought it around 2004, I think).

What's the best way to reach potential buyers that are close enough to see the car in person? It looks like there's not an active Buick club in Houston? Would potential buyers in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, etc. be willing to make the trip to see the car if I provide pictures that give a good idea of what it is? Do many Texas GN enthusiasts look at this forum?

None of those. You're taking on too much responsibility for the potential buyer.

Bring a Trailer, Cars and Bids, or a consignment reseller with a national clientele are going to fetch you the best money. If it's actually a mint-ish 19K original mile car, you should be able to get upwards of $60K for it. But you have to sell it to a national audience to find the buyers with the deep pockets, not through a local club. Trying to stay inside the community is going to result in a lot of lowball offers. We are, for lack of better terms, stingy cheapasses.

If they want to see it in person before they bid, they can contact you during the auction and arrange a PPI.

Shipping also isn't your hassle. The buyer has to arrange it, and they'll pick it up from your house.

These aren't just old Regals anymore. They are rare, sought after, super-car class collectibles now. Sell it like you'd sell a Ferrari, and to do that you need to use the outlets that reach that kind of customer.

Classic Car Liquidators in Sherman would be a good place to call. I know the owner, they're a legit, honest outfit.
Just to add to the above probably 90% of members here already own a TR..
I like true auctions like BAT, you don't set a price the final bid does but you can put any reserve on it you feel like.