Considering parting out a CF5 sun roof


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May 25, 2001
I have a complete CF5 sun roof unit, out of 1986 GN. It needs a new home, but its outrageously heavy. I am seeing if there are interest in parts.
The drain pan seems ok, a little rust but not bad.
I have never seen one for sale. I've seen parts being ask for but not the e
ntire unit.
The assembly is in 73115. Price on entire unit $750
Open to suggestions
Unfortunately I don't know yet. Its in my storage without a power supply.
I hope to get to that point.
Were you interested in the entire assembly or parts?
your post caught my interest because i have astroroof car in rebuild phase. my astroroof has open/close issues possibly due to damaged cables; the motor worked when last tested. probably not interested in the complete assembly because i'm in CO
Have you seen any of Stevey V, you tubes on turbo car repairs.
Not sure if it's a YouTube deal, just comes up on my Facebook?
He did a deep dive on a sun roof rehab. He had quite a time with the cables, as I remember.
Steve puts out great information, Wish he could have done that 20 years ago.
I have plans to take the unit apart, with a local guy, in a week or so. Will get back with you.