considering S10 hybrid

I possibly have the opportunity to buy an '85 hotair drivetrain for dirt cheap. I have a '93 S-10 with the 2.5L in it, but it has nearly 190k on the odometer. I was thinking about putting the hotair setup into my S-10.

Any thoughts? I tried searching and didn't find much information on the swap. How difficult is the project?

I was considering a SBC swap into the truck, don't know how much better the 3.8 would fit. Want to keep A/C too, as I will be driving it all over the place. I would rather do something unique with the turbo buick power. :)
hmmm... thank you for the link. Interesting stuff.

The hot air downpipe is in a different location than the cold air, isn't it? I appreciate the help :)