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Hey All!

First off, let me apologize.. I am not much for searching for threads. Even at 39 years old and part of the early "tech" generation, I prefer direct answers from knowledgeable people.

Ok so here is the story. Back in 1987, my father bought 2 cars... a Regal T type, which was my mom's daily driver until she took it off the road at 144k miles in 2001 (only to buy a 2001 Honda Accord 4 cylinder that now has 190k miles on it and is probably in better shape than any on the market).. and his 1987 Grand National, which now has 35k miles on it and sits in his garage. I took the Regal in 2005, fixed it up (it needed help...) and daily drove it for a couple of years until I got my 2001 Z06. I sold it for nothing because it was rotted out pretty bad... worst decision I ever made. However, my father wants to pass on his GN for next to nothing to me, since it needs a handful of things... and as a former tech and current weekend warrior, the issues are no big deal to me. However.....

I am a 3 pedal guy. I have done some basic browsing, and what I find basically says "don't try to swap a T-56 into these cars". Now I don't mind a challenge, but I really would value some feedback from anyone who has done a manual swap. I know the engine and the upgrades and the tuning, but I haven't ever really taken on projects beyond "bolt-on" stuff. I am not incapable... but if anyone has a near-bolt-on list of what is still readily available in 2023, that would help me in my decision to move forward. I did love my 87 T... I did the TurboTweek chip, Scanmaster, 60 lb-hr injectors, FPR, shift kit, Walbro fuel pump.. more power than the stock tires could keep up with. But after a long line of stick shift cars thereafter, I am curious if doing the near impossible on this car is worthwhile. I know I know... it's easier to leave it alone and keep the 200R4... but still...

Thanks in advance! Realistic prices will help.. I have junkyard connections for the transmission, and have researched swap kits.. but they seem to favor SBC setups...
Just got mine back on the road this afternoon. Still work to do on the interior but it's getting close. So much fun to drive. I guess cost would depend on the power level. I'm running a T56 Magnum and dual disk 10.5" clutch at roughly 650 hp so not cheap. Also running an MS3 Pro withs tons of tunability. Not sure how a chip car would behave.
You can check out my thread in the HYBRID section of this forum titled, "First Gen F Body." Here's a short teaser video of me tooling around the neighborhood.
More to look at...
Here is a parts list I put together maybe Scott or Mike can look over. Not a cheap swap thats for sure.

For the trans is this a good place to start? $3500

Quick Time SFI bellhousing $901
Advanced Adapters Flywheel $309
Three Pedals kit $1000

I am going to use the factory X-member with a TH400 mount.
Driveshaft? Longer shorter? I have a really nice Dennys on there now I will send back if it just needs shortened.