6 speed Manual Swap

tom robison

Dec 11, 2004
About six months ago I sold a 700whp Z06 corvette and bought another 87 GN that was pretty close to stock, but needed some love. I installed new interior, wheel and tires, all billet trans, alky kit, 3” atr exhaust… turned it into a fun street car. Well the motor didn’t last long and developed at rod knock, so an all aluminum stage 2 found its way in with a HPT 6466 turbo. The car was done , but was missing something. I did some research and found some threads on here about a manual swap, which is what I miss about the old vette.

I contacted Silver Sport Transmission for a quote on a complete swap setup. I purchased the majority of parts from them,. I bought the pedal from Sick Speed Monte, Tremec T56 Magnum trans from Summit and flywheel from Advanced Adapters.

I started my removing the interior and 200r4 trans, pulling the steering column and brake pedal. I modded the brake pedal, cut the hole in the fire wall and installed the third pedal per the instruction from Sick Speed Monte.

The Silver Sport kit comes with complete swap manual and drawing to cut the floor for trans and shifter to fit.

I modded my factory crossmember instead of buying the Silver Sport crossmember to save about $350.00. The trans is a tight fit, but is an easy swap. I installed the bell housing with the trans to get measurements for my new driveshaft. The driveshaft took a couple days from my local shop , I also had then get me a new rearend yoke for 1350 joints to make things a little stronger.


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With everything mocked up I finished putting the interior back in and made a new shifter plate to finish it out.

I am waiting for my Flywheel to show up, which should be sometime next week. I’m hoping by next weekend to have this complete and drivable.
I likey! :D
I swapped a Tremec into my '79 Malibu about a decade and a half ago for nearly the same reason, the thrill of rowing the gears ( and for me the addition of an overdrive). It does make you realize the need for cupholders after adding a stick, you will not be holding a fountain soda pop between your thighs and "pedalling" at the same time.
Like I tell my Mustang buddies.
If you have time to shift, your car’s too slow. It’s all I can do to floor it and hang on for dear life. Lol
It looks great and I’m sure it’ll be a blast.
I received the new billet flywheel last Friday and proceeded to put things together for the final assembly. Upon installing the clutch, I realized that they sent me a clutch for a large flywheel and not the small flywheel that the Buick v6 uses. I contacted McLeod clutch about my problem and got the correct part number for the series clutch I was sold. I contacted silver sport for the correct cam, it was on back order till next month. They refunded my money because I did not want to wait and ordered the upgraded 1000hp unit from summit racing and had it the next day. I finished up the install this past Sunday and ran it through the gears on the lift. I hope to take it for its maiden voyage this afternoon.


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