Console Shifter Cable "87" T-Type


Jul 21, 2003
hi all,

i am looking to replace my broken "Console Shifter Cable" (from console to transmission) after the phone calls i ended up with, a possible NAPA part #620-2301.

Can anyone verify this or reference it to a GM part #? or have the solution?
It's just that this car seems such an oddity to the parts people at my local GM dealership. (putting it nicely!)

Another question i have is, What do i need to get the console shifter handle button to function properly?
Please dont tell me to go to a salvage yard ;)

thanks for help, this site is in-valuable :cool:


Anyone here from DesMoines, Ia?
I am looking for someplace/someone with knowledge
of these sweet cars for future work and or parts knowledge.
We stock them in GM form

I am at home and do not know how much they cost but you can give a ring to PTS XTREME tommorrow if you so wish and I know we have at least two in stock at all times.
Go to Adavance Auto parts and ask them for one they will get it in the next day $17 bucks;) Shawn
Thanks for the kind offer Bruce (WE4)!
I have bookmarked your site and will most likely call upon Barring any future foul ups :)

Shawn (boostjunkie) Thank you!!!, I received it this morning.
Went into Advance Auto (after work) and picked up Part# 04280
mine was $29.46 (still cheap i think) parts dude said it was a little more because of the overdrive lol.

Thanks again Guys! :cool: :cool: :cool: