Control is the operative word


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Sep 10, 2002
Sixty-two percent (62%) of Americans say that in crimes involving use of a gun, the shooter is more to blame than the availability of guns in America. But 31% disagree, saying the availability of guns is more to blame.

So, let’s go and look at that statement in bold type for a moment.
Thirty-one percent of the people surveyed say the availability of guns is more to blame than the person who pulls the trigger. To put it another way, the Rassmussen Poll found that 31 percent of Americans are apparently total morons suffering from some kind of severe mental disability.
We can disagree about whether gun control is the answer to whatever problem, but only an idiot would think that guns are somehow responsible for incidents like the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting. The gun had no volition, no free will to act on its own. Guns aren’t cursed magical items from a fantasy novel that urge their owners to commit atrocities. They have no opinion of their own.
They’re tools which people will sometimes use to carry out heinous acts.
In the last week, we’ve seen the constant push against gun control continue to intensify, but the sad truth is that this constant push is all the anti-gunners know how to do. They can’t imagine addressing anything else in our society that might be a contributing factor. They don’t even want to address that.
It’s because they don’t actually care about mass shootings. They don’t care about mass murder. They’re so hyperfocused on guns that it becomes clear they’re scared of a device that can’t do anything on its own that they forget that the maniacs will resort to other means to slaughter the innocent.
But now we can see just how many idiots we have running around.
Maybe it’s time to support idiot control instead.

So who's up for some idiot control?
I'd have put this into the political section but I still cant find it anymore.
So, 31% of Americans think guns are capable of acting on their own! Just think, a few of those people vote! Probably most of them reproduce! Yes, I think we should start pushing anti-idiot laws. Being closer to the end of life is looking better all the time!
Indeed, hitting what you're aiming at IS gun control!!

As long as they're pushing gun control why not add large truck and van control to the list (sarcasm).

Idiots, oops did I say people, who can't get guns are resorting to running people down with trucks and large vans.

Yes, if you take guns away from people (idiots) gun violence will go down, however other types of violence will increase. Perhaps swords, torches, pitch forks, bow and arrows, catapults and who knows what other weapons they will try to ban next (sorry, more sarcasm).

There is one common denominator and it is NOT guns, or any weapon for that matter.

Idiot control is the only thing that makes sense.