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Buckeye Bullet
May 26, 2002
10" 2800 stall lock up converter for 2004r. Great converter for a low 11, high 10 sec car. Was used with a TE44 and billet 6765, spooled both great, ran 10.7s with it. $375 shipped
9.5" 20 blade for TH400. This is for a big turbo fast set up. 4 passes on it. $800 shipped
226/227 solid roller cam. I have all timing specs available. This is a billet roller. It was in a TA aluminum engine, and has a different nose than a typical Weber cam. I have the thrust plate that will allow it to work in a iron engine and the typical stack up. This cam is very similar to what I run in my 8 sec TSM engine. $250 shipped.
It is from 2008, but hasnt been used in the last 5 years. I went non lock up. It was from Brian Hoffer when he was doing transmissions. Most all of the 10" lock up converters are the same, ising front drive cores. This is comparable a PTC 10" 2800 or Vigilante 0 pump single disc.
.348 lobe lift. I can text you all the info, the board wont let the pics load.


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Cam sold
200 4r converter sold.pending payment.
TH400 PTC still available. Make offer. These are close to $1200 new. Can be restalled for $250.