Convertible GNX?


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I had a friend go to FL for vacation during Christmas break. He said that he spotted a GNX convertible, not t-top, but convertible driving somewhere down there? I told him it must have been something else, cuz i thought that GNX's didnt come in convertibles. Anyone know who might own it?
Car belongs to a guy named Winston (aka Tiger Woods; as some here referred to him for his likeness to Tiger). Dont know if he is the 2nd owner, or 3rd but he has owned it for quite some time now. He just moved down there from the St. Louis, Missouri area.
If I remember correctly, the car is one of two GNs made into convertibles back in '87-'88 when basically new. Work was done in FL, I think, so its kind of a homecoming for the car. The job was done right. It is a convertible done the way GM would have done it (cost some $$). No it is not a GNX, but a GN with plenty of custom parts, including aftermarket GNX parts, thus making it "GNX #000". Car has custom dash plaque, etc. (from buickfromhell) showing the "triple-zero". Very, very clean car. Very, very nice car. Car has always been a standout, and rather well known. Has leather interior also that I think was done just a year ago. Dont know what else can be done to it (it has everything), but seemed like he was always adding something.
I remember selling him a carguard (steering column protector) anti-theft device to help keep the car around :D
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