cooling problem?? Or ok?


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Last night I sat in some traffic. I decided to see how hot she will get.. It peaked at 190... Is that good considering my upgrades- a larger recored (stock)) rad, hi volume water pump and a 160 stat. I usually put the fans on at 180 (have the override switch). Should I be worried? Should I put in a hi flow 160 stat to see if there is a restiction there ( w hi volume pump w regular stat)? I have a stretch stock IC... Any info would be great... Psycho 6....
Can never hurt to change the T-stat especially if it's been in there for a while. Anything that goes through repeated heating and cooling cycles like the thermostat is going to wear out eventually. For such a cheap part you could swap it and see if it helps.

I have a stock cooling system right now and lately in traffic I've been getting up to 200-205 and that's too high for my liking. I have an F-body radiator waiting to be installed when I get time.
So the fans were on low during this test?

The fans were being controlled by the cpu.... I have the caspers override switch and when left in middle the fan will do its normal operation. So the fan was set for normal operation. I dont really know when the cpu turns fans on and off.
Is it a dual fan setup?
I think that temp is high for idle and no AC with fans on, but it's certainly not bad. 190 is really normal operating temp, and is better for normal driving. Personally, if 190 is the peak, I'd leave it alone and throw the switch to cool it if you want to get frisky.

My car stays close to 170 with no AC and both fans on low.