couple of questions


May 25, 2001
on the subject of the goveners. i am taking the parts out of my old gn tranny and putting them in a stock 2004r..v/b,govener and sevro. my first question is the govener i am going to use out of the gn tranny is missing a spring on the large weight why is that? my second question is what would break a servo spring?the one in my gn tranny is a pink spring and it is broke in half.when i took the servo out of the stock tranny in had the same size spring so i just put it back in......oh annd one other thing the plastic peice behind the pump assemblythat sits over the 3 star screws is broke in the tranny i want to use i found a peice in the pan when i took it off.this tranny worked when i had it in the car before it only has the 3 wire hook up so i want to convert it over sorry for rambling on;) :D :confused:
All of the turbo Regal governors were built with one spring. That's just the way Hydramatic calibrated things.

Which spring was broken the small diameter return spring or the larger cushion spring?

The plastic piece you are referring to is a selective thrust washer. When replacing it, you'll need to make sure that the proper thickness washer gets used for correct endplay.