Couple questions before i start

87 national

Mar 31, 2010
I am going to replace my rear main seal, but before i begin i have a couple questions.
-who sells the best rear main?
-Do i have to remove the trans to do it?
-Any other tricks you may have used that might come in handy
It's very simple. Follow that write up and you will be fine.

Like mentioned, the hardest part is getting the pan completely off. It gets hung a little on the oil pick up but can be persuaded.

got my rear main today

I am going to start pulling it apart tomorrow. I wanted to know why when you put the rear main cap back up instead of using the inserts they give you the write up suggest rtv?
While you have the pan off, take a good look at the oil pickup. It may need a good cleaning! Mine had fiberous material covering the wire mesh at the bottom of the pick-up.....NOT GOOD!!! Oil flow to engine had to be getting very close to causing a problem.
real main seal

I would not use the inserts. I used Black RTV silicone. Force the rtv in the cracks on both sides and let stand for 24 hours before you start the car. You can assemble the real main and torque the bolts @ 100 foot pounds.