Craigslist Dayton, OH find 1987 WE 4 very low miles twin turbo

"After the engine was re-built (less than 1,000 miles ago) it was de-tuned for break in period (less than 5lbs of boost at wide open throttle),":rolleyes:
No need to watch comedy central.............Just read the ad.
Wow they ruined that car, wonder if they even know what that car was? What a shame....
Here is some info on that car as it was sent to me.


That GN was possibly totaled sometime between 87 and 91 in Mississippi.

It may have just been stolen cuz I found a impound report back from May of 87.

It's been in Ohio ever since.

Clean after the rebuild as of 94.

Mileage goes in order from 94 when it was 6874 till 02 when it was 8575 but nothing after that, cuz Ohio doesn't report anything. No accidents.