crank, no start


Mar 12, 2002
My car was running fine and then just died on the highway and won't start back up. So far i have found that it does have fuel. However the injectors aren't pulseing! What should i look for next? UPDATE It was the fp/inj fuse, it was blown, put a new one in and it started right up. thanks for the help.
check all fuse, sometimes the CCCI fuse blows and knocks out the ignition. You might look and see if you blew a fuse going to the injectors??
Crank sensor is a good suggestion also. Cam sensor maybe? You can't start a GN if the cam sensor goes bad, but a GN will run if the cam sensor is unplugged at idle after it is started.
If there is no spark at the plugs and the injectors are not being pulsed, it is most likely the crank sensor. Go ahead and check your fuses in case that is the problem....I hope it is not because it will probably be more difficult to find a short than change the crank sensor...:)