crank sensor install


putting crank sensor back on. is there a special process or does it just go on being spaced equally on either side of the reluctor? also, which slot is used as there are two, dont remember when i took it out.

thanks in advance
You use the outermost slot (away from plug/terminal) & locate space equally (around .025" each side) around interruptor ring. You need use a flexible plastic gauge (mic a temporary credit card) to set properly. This is one good use for all those example temp credit cards from Capital One & other such ilk...
Make sure its not rubbing when you install it. Double check all 3 rings for clearance. I fought with a miss/sputter on my car for 2 months and changed alot parts. The whole time it was the crank sensor rubbing on the ring.

Live and learn and go broke in the process.:frown:
seeing that these harmonic ballancers are not a press fit, you can take out the key way and then slide the ballancer on the crank and turn it and see if you are hitting the sensor with the reluctor rings.