Crankshaft sensor ??????


Need Speed
Jun 8, 2003
Okay here is a long story, while adding the new stuff I did the top engine cleaning and while it was running it suddenly quit so far this is what I have done
1) replaced camshaft sensor with new one and caspers led cap
2)new spark plugs
3)new spark plug wires
4)changed oil to royal purple 10w40
5)replaced crankshaft sensor
6)drained gas tank of gas
7)gutted cat

okay so after I replaced the crank sensor, it fired up and was running... took it to work the following day about 35 miles ran fine... started it up to go home as I was driving I noticed it was hesitant with light acceleration.... so I thought maybe the cat was clogged so I gutted it... maybe bad gas drained tank to almost empty and added a bottle or 104+ octane boost... adjusted crank sensor to make sure it wasnt hitting ...... I have run out of ideas :confused:
If you have a Digital Volt Ohm Meter connect the red lead to PIN G (dark green wire) at the ignition control module or the green crank sensor wire at the crank sensor. Connect the black lead to a good ground. With the key "ON" the voltage should be reading either high "reference" voltage OR pulling the volts low. If you turn the crank shaft with your hand the voltage on the DVOM will toggle high and low everytime the trigger wheel passes through the crank sensor. If it does the crank sensor is good.

This is the same way you can check to see if your cam sensor is good also except you put the red lead to the light blue wire on the cam sensor.

NEVER MIND. It's a running problem you have now. I'll keep this posted for others anyway....