Crazy Shifting , Need Help Please

Turbo Keith

Sep 16, 2015
As of late when I make a 30 or so mile trip with the cruise on bout 70 and when I get off the 4 lane to go home , and its only a few lights to I get home , My cars shifts crazy and you can really notice it . Start it up the next day and it shifts fine from red light to light then when I drive the 30 mile trip to work , and it does fine when I get off to go to my work it does that funny shifting again . Im gonna change fluid and filter soon and hope that will fix my problem . I really like using Sea Foam so I thought I may add some to the tranny and drive it a little while and see if that will help .and then change the fluid , Any thoughts from yall Guys
What is crazy shifting? Does it hold the shift too long or does it shift really fast and often?
I thought Seafoam was kinda universal , but haven't read on the bottle in a while and I will check the tv , Thank you
If your replacing fluid anyway, try replacing the solenoid. Had a similar problem and that fixed it. That being said the tv will do some crazy stuff too.
thats kinda hard for me to answer cause as soon as I get off the four lane its slow traffic , speed limit is bout 35 and it probably gets in maybe 3rd gear but when it does get to 3rd it acts as if it wants to down shift when not needing to . I know its hard to answer my question without driving it .