crooked body


Looks slow, goes fast!
May 26, 2001
Anyone notice that their body isn't sitting in the middle of the frame on our cars? I got out a ruler and measured from the top of the tire to the outside of the fender and noticed that my right front and left rear wheels stick out further than the other two(about 1/2 inch). I got up underneath and noticed that there looks like there is some adjustment at the body bushing mounts. I have the typical missing body bushings and I'm sure that they go flat after a while. I plan on replacing/adding the body bushings eventually. So is this typical, and can the body be "adjusted" to be straight on the frame(I have access to an automotive lift)? By the way, I've already checked the alignment and it's perfect.
Did you just check the front alignment, or all four wheels?

Even though there's no adjustment in the back, if the frame is bent, then the backs won't be directly behind the fronts, resulting in a 'dog tracking' car.

Other than that, sounds like worn out and missing body bushings has struck again. Replace the bushings and get it realigned. If you are still not happy with it, take it to a body shop and have them put it on the frame rack. They might be able to pull it back straight for you.
Yes, I checked all four corners, everything in spec.'s. The only thing not straight is the body. I didn't even notice until I installed slightly wider wheels; but with the factory T wheels, it's not noticeable.
Sounds like a good excuse to get the body bushings...Mine was like this, just scoot it around when you have the bolts loose.