crossover pipe Gaskets?


As a lot of you already know, it is sometimes difficult to completely eliminate a leak at crossover pipe and header flange. Is it possible to utilize a gasket of some sort in this area? I have gone the copper silicone rtv route with limited/short term success (brought down high BLM's), but now they are back. I located a place that sells a flat sheet of graphite/carbon gasket material that can withstand high temps. I was thinkin of making my own thin gasket using this material. I would cut out a donut measuring 2" I.D. and 2.5 O.D.. Do any of you have ideas on gaskets for this area? :confused:
Yeah, I tried something similar in tube (permatex?) but it does not last. Was thinkin of somethin that would be long term and stay put.
Yes, the can style is better. My GN has no exhaust gaskets. We used copper coat on all exhaust connections. Its still leak free 5-6 yrs later.
Again, aside from this copper product, has anyone had success with making a gasket to go in this location (material gasket). please let me know, open to ideas in the event the copper goop don't work.:smile: