cruise control removal?


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Feb 11, 2007
Is there anything special I need to know about removing my cruise control unit? It looks like one plug, two vacum lines, and the cable going to the throttle body. Do I just undo everything and plug the vacum lines? I'm just looking to declutter under the hood a little bit!
I "think" the speedo cable comes from the transmission, loops into the cruise module, and then a different cable loops out to the speedometer. You might want to confirm that before taking off the other pieces. I'm not sure if there's a piece you can buy to bridge the cables or not (I've never tried to do anything like that).
The speedometer cable is a two piece design, but it does not go through the cruise. I know that because I had to have a custom speedo cable made for my autometer speedometer.(I got rid of the stock guage cluster years ago.) But thanks for the reply.
I just yanked my cruise control out. Toughest part is removing the vac line the runs inside the car.