Cruisin' the Coast on SpeedChannel tonight


Valve Monkey
Aug 14, 2001
It's on "My Classic Car". And the Barrett-Jackson auction afterwards. Couch potato tonight!!
I just turned on the auction. I hate that I missed MCC, I've been watching for that one to come on since we missed it last time. I'll have to see if it comes on again. :(
Didn't know it had been on before. This is from 2003. Shot the whole thing in Ocean Springs since it was their first year to be an "Official" CTC site.
Yeah, they did one a few years ago, right after Cruisin' the Coast started. Might have even been the first year of it? I assumed they did one in 2002, but I guess he was just there for the appearances. I just got Speed, so I haven't been able to watch MCC since it was on TNN.