CruizinKev's 1979 Monte Carlo

just played around with photoshop what my wheels would look on a monte :)

Hell yeah, do work son!

Looks cool. Alot of neat ideas and pieces. I love the way that 59-60 dash looks in that and how they sloped it down to the toe boards. Kinda makes me miss my 59 just looking at it.

Gonna have to score some of those handles.

Nice Photoshop. Those wheels look perfect on there. That's what Denzel should have been rolling on his Monte in Training Day.
Thx man! :)

Guys what do you think about seats like that in my 79 monte?


Please note I have a 59/60 Impala dash to go in - just kinda like that:



back to work again. today I started scratching all that underbody protection stuff off they put on here in Germany. It helps against rust in winter with all that salt and stuff on streets..


I love it :eek:




took me the whole day to do that sh*t omg and still not finished with that sh*tty underbody protection cr*p. friggin hard chewy stuff! anyways hopefully I can bring the frame next week to the sandblaster where I'll blast that thing..
Very nice work indeed!

Did I catch a glimpse of a "Euro" taillamp setup on the Monte? I've never seen that before on an older GM car.....Modern Corvettes, yes, but not on a Monte.
thx guys! ;)

Did I catch a glimpse of a "Euro" taillamp setup on the Monte?
yeah right - it had euro tails but I'll swap to US spec 78 tails anyways for the "cleaner" look like this:


so yesterday I scraped off the rest of the undercoating stuff and found some ugly stuff:





One of the pre owners did some "repairs" and covered with bondo and undercoating. well I think I have to replace that section.

Already found a good site for replacements:


Fortunately the rest of the frame is good and only needs to be boxed and some rewelding of the factory welds.

Anyways I'll sandblast the frame this week, finally! Next weekend I'll test fit my rear wheels (18x9.5 with 295/35) and will see how much work need to do on notching rear frame section.
thx guys! ;)

yeah right - it had euro tails but I'll swap to US spec 78 tails anyways for the "cleaner" look like this:

I love the euro taillights. Its so much different from everything else. Nonetheless, it looks unbelievable with the new setup/wheels. I think alot of people don't consider how "aerodynamic" this car looks with the curves it has. It almost looks like a project like Boyd used to do like their "Chezoom" and other cars. Keep up the good work.
thx for the kind words! :)

today we brought frame to the sandblaster's shop. I'll blast that thing tomorrow! ;)


we'll box the frame and also already got the TNTraceshop control arm & frame braces laying here.

I also got UMI Performance lower tubular a-arms & SC&C Stage 2 Kit uppers with Howe taller balljoints

UMI swaybar kit, UMI rear lowers & adjustable upper arms

UMI control arm / frame braces (but I have black colored), OPGI 2" lowering springs front & rear

lol no fire in there! See I just received this pic from my buddy last night


he said already reweld almost all factory weld on underside of frame, welded control arm brackets in and boxed the sides :cool:
man he's fast - I just wanted to be there when he starts because I need to learn how to weld :biggrin:
new pics of today, my buddy at work!








almost there! :cool:

Now at the moment I'm thinking about to galvanize/zincing the frame so it'll be 100% forever rustfree...