CRUZ Performance NEW product throttle body vacuum block delete kit


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CRUZ Performance NEW product throttle body vacuum block delete kit

Remove that 30+ year old plastic factory throttle body vacuum block that is ugly with all

of its hard lines and leaking rubber lines going to it.

This kit is easy to install and comes with the majority of the pieces needed to do the conversion (example may need 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch hose adapters)

CRUZ Performance NEW product throttle body vacuum block delete kit includes

1/2 inch plenum spacer (fits under stock hood)

2 new plenum gaskets

stainless allen head mounting bolts for plenum

throttle body delete plate

CRUZ Performance vacuum block (5 x 1/8inch ports, 2 x -6 oring ports)

7 x 1/8 push lock fittings

2 x -6 oring fittings (specify female 1/8 inch hole or -4 male AN)

20 feet heavy duty black nylon push lock hose

$249 complete kit shipped to US

ADD $25 for swap to 1 inch plenum spacer for performance and addition of inlet temp sensor

CRUZ Performance plenum spacer, vacuum block and throttle body delete plate

made in Florida, USA.

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I have a few on a blog post I did when I installed it. I made a bracket and mounted the distribution block alongside the plenum.

Something I found out was that using gaskets on the spacer didn't work very well. It leaked in the back near the bolt under the coilpack. I ended up using Right-Stuff to seal the spacer to the manifold and the plenum to the spacer. The location of the IAT sensor hole is also not compatible with the stock throttlebody, so if you're using the stock TB, have them drill that hole in the side or the back, not the front.


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The IAT hole is on the drivers side on my new kit. It looks like it was on the passenger side with yours?

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Its alright.
I have my kit installed which everything seems to fit as it should... but a little upset as I received a plain Jane vacuum block VS the nice anodized “Cruz performance” engraved pictured above.. otherwise all seems well. We will see how it performs here in a couple days!