CRUZ Performance Tax Season Sale!


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Single feed fuel line kit - Crimped fittings on teflon line - $350

Teflon custom transmission cooler line kit - $125

Vacuum relocation kit with 1/2 inch spacer, line and fittings - $195

Oil filter relocation kit with AN swivel crimped fittings and filter - $225

Underhood guage block with teflon lines and crimped fittings - $175

-8 natural finish fuel rail kit for stock intakes - $150

Trans cooler kit with teflon lines and mega cooler - $275

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How do we get the sale price, I’m after the vacuum relocation kit however the sales price is not reflected in the cart...
for the transcooler kit, where do lines end up? I want to put the cooler under the passenger headlight/battery area and was wondering if there was enough length to do so.
They are made for cooler to be mounted in front of the radiator, so they should be long enough for that area as well.