CRX vs Grand Caravan



I was on my way home from the beach yesterday, i was drivin my pimpin 97 grand caravan (still looking for a TR). One of my buddies was behind me driving his CRX. Its pretty much stock except for a exhaust system, my van is 100% stock. I pulled up to a light on a 2 lane street, i new before i stoped he would try and race me. He is always bragging how he beats all these nice cars yet none of us are ever with him when he does this. So i figured i would give it all ive got. The other light went yellow and he started reving his engine so did i. I though for sure he would kill me. The light went green and he spun his tires i had no wheel spin. Right away i pulled away from him easily the two lanes where slowly running out and he was gaining on me i hit 3rd and saw him drop back i killed the bitch when we got back to my house all we did is make fun of him it was great. He wants a rematch now.

Very true story
If you could have seen his face when i looked in my rear view mirrow you would have pissed your pants laughing
If i ever lost s serious race to any kind of mini-van i think i would quit the street racing sceen all together. You don't have to always drive a fast car, sometimes you get cought with no gas, in your g/f(or wife's) car, or a daily beater....but if you are in your street racing car and loose to a mini-van...i mean how much closer to the bottom of the pile can youget. I'm not trying to knock the mini-vans, they are nice for what they are designed to do, but that wasn't speed...
don't laugh but i have a 95 Grand Caravan 3.3 liter rated at 162 horsepower and unless you have driven one you would be surprised at how well they run, i work at a Honda dealership and i have driven the 200? horsepower Odyssey and my van feels faster and definately sounds better!I have thought of making a 1/4 mile pass just out of curiosity sake!
My wife drives a 2001 Grand Caravan that I ordered with the BIG 3.8 litre V6........

Anybody want some?


I bet the "boxy" style astro vans with the 4.3 and AWD would launch like a MOFO...:eek:
My dad has an 93 astro and he only has 2w drive but he can put on a good smoke show whne he power brakes it and those PepBoys tires go up quick. Just did a tune up on it and i will tell ya it really is a pain in the butt to change those spark plugs:mad:
Ya one day I was doing a bottle drive and i was driving my van and all my buddies where like "do a burn out" I thought to myself im driving a mini van. So I matted it and left like a 30 ft patch I was pretty impressed I could even smell burnt rubber too.