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Last fall I had some issues with my existing old turbos on both of my cars. I reached out to Chopper at Limit Engineering and we talked for a while. I could not get my Turbos to him fast and he said he was finishing up existing units and closing his doors. He was so good he put me in touch with Reed at Work Turbocharges. Chopper was a class act to the end.
I called Reed and we had a lengthy conversation. He listened to what I wanted from my cars and my goals. Never did he try to sell me something bigger or the trick part kinda sale. He made some recommendations and my turbos were on the way to him. He kept in touch after they arrived and both were updated and returned before the snow was gone up here. The Turbos arrived and were perfect,every detail including hardware was included,his coating and cleaning process was amazing. I have them installed and his advice was spot on with a career best for the car. I would highly recommend Reed and Work Turbos for all your needs. For the life of me I don't know how he gets anything done when he spends so much time with a perspective customer,but I sure appreciated it. His passion for the Buick's is refreshing to say the least. Just passing it on.
Hes done a few custom turbos for me also, spot on , great guy .
Reed and his crew run a first-class operation.
My bud has a twin/mirror build going on an LS for his 67 Nova.
Reed did a super job.
The car will go to Bham for dyno tuning........ If my bud ever takes time off from everyone else's projects! :rolleyes: