CSII door speaker replacement


Dec 14, 2008
Hi guys,

I want to replace my front door speakers with some Infinity Ref 5022i's. What is the best way to remove the door panel without damaging anything? Can just the bottom panel be removed? How many new door clips would I need to put things back together? Let me know ASAP.

Yes, the bottoms can be removed without removing the upper panels. Best of luck removing them without damaging anything, the plastic of the panel is 22+ years old and may break, but if you're lucky it'll just break the clips. There are two screws holding the armrest to the lowerpanel, slide it forward with those out, then there are two screws holding the lowerpanel to the door behind the armrest. I'd say there are around 8 clips for the lowers on each side. If you can, use one of the door panel clip removal tools.