Custom Rear Upper Control Arm Frame Braces


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Jan 3, 2010
Good afternoon everyone, Just wanted to post up some UCA Frame Braces I quickly fabricated last night. You all will might find alot of the parts I make pretty useful seeing how Im too cheap to spend money on parts that I can useually make myself. You may not find it interesting who knows I sure do get a kick out of tring thats the only way to learn. By no means am I some master fabricator but I sure as hell try to do what I I've been fabricateing diffrent pieces and parts for about the last 13 years and been working on G-body's for close to 20 years so again by no means am I saying im the best.

Below are some pics of the frame braces I have not welded them in the car yet that will be soon then you all will get an idea how they fit and look.

The third pic i tried to draw on it with the paint program to give you a idea how they install along both black lines is where they butt up to the frame and the blue line represents a bolt going through where you bolt the upper arms and the black circle offcourse would be the mounting hole for the control arm it fits the contours of the frame perfectly againts the back side of the control arm mount to reinforce that whole area.

I noticed a couple places selling simalar braces for close to 100.00 and I found some tubuler braces that I couldnt amagine paying 100.00 or more for just 2 pieces of tubing. I think they are great products but I guess I prefer to make my own since I have the ability. Please no one take offense I try to support the smaller guys as much as I can but I also have to look out for my own self as well.

The first thing I did to make them was trace out the frame contours on some cardboard then used that as a template to trace out on 3/16 plate steel based on that template i wanted to create a boxed type brace for more strength.


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