Custom up pipe


Turbo Happy
Nov 19, 2002
I was just putting on my new ATR Dp and was thinking, I wonder if anyone tried to eliminate the crossover pipe and use like a double passenger side header that came into a basic "y" pipe to the turbo on top of the motor? I would think the extra amount of energy that the exhaust would have would bump up the spool of the turbo. Also, if you were a good header maker, you could make a set of hellacious headers to work this way.
Wish I was good at making headers...
that seems complicated, being that if two pipes meet in the center above the intake, there would be tons of heat collecting under our hood "buldge" I think there would be a few mods to take into consideration like ventiports and fans inside the engine compartment. I would also have to consider the harness and injectors being subjected to that type of heat. Awsome idea, and it would look absolutely evil imo, but dont knock it until you try it, right I would definatley pay to have that type of pipe in my car if it gets me a fast spool up and a better r/t!