Custom Vinyl Paneled trunk for sale.


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Jun 26, 2001

Hey guys... I can't use my stereo stuff in my car.. because it's more of a racer than show car.. anyone interested in a custom Vinyl and fiberglass trunk for your car?

Built for 2 10's 2 amps on the side.. 2 EQT's or other eq's... and two fuse/distribution block..
I have it complete.. and some of the vinyl will have to be reglued to be perfect.. but all in all.. it's a very clean install..

It came from Mike Morris' GN a few year ago.. he's now a rep for Coustic...

Email me direct for pics.

I dont' know what this is worth right now.. but definitely nice pieces for someone's comp/show car.


Someone needs to look at this trunk.. I'll make you a "deal"!!!!
Pics of the trunk..

Here are the pics guys.. they are dark.. so I hope you can make them out..

I don't know what this is worth to someone out there.. I just promise to make a deal for someone that's interested..

I know this trunk would be well over $1000 in labor to do.. I'm no where thinking even half of that..

Just email me.
Thanks for looking.


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I know if I where to build another trunk like mine and the ones in the pic, $800.00 to $1,000.00 is what I would charge to build one. There is alot of work involved into custum building every piece. Its not the materials so much, its the time consuming labor involved. Good luck with the sale "E".
Thanks for your input!

I priced out a trunk for my accord one time.. competition quality and without any fiberglass work involved.. and they wanted a good $1200 to do that...

I think this would be a good deal for someone that wanted to a nice clean trunk for their car.

Thanks again for looking guys.