D9, 2800, JL stamped on convertor?


Oct 30, 2006
Hello, I have an 11 inch convertor that I bought off another board member and was told it was a restalled D5, of course I didn't look at it closely and wanted to see "D5', so I did! I put it in the car behind my stock 3.8 with TE-44 and it worked great. I have since upgraded and wanted to resell this convertor and now realize that it has a D9 stamped all the way around the perimeter where D% should be. What do I have? Thanks, John.:cool:
It's a 2800 stall converter to help launch heavy slow vehicles. Theses are often painted bright yellow to match the heavy slow vehicle it's in. see pic below to understand what I mean by heavy and slow
You may need to paint your car CAT Yellow ? Happy New Year


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