Dads new Weber long block


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I havent been on here a while. My personal car is long gone to a new owner, but i thought i post up pics of my Dads new build by Weber. Who i would like to add are top notch guys start to finish. Here are some details:
Stoker 109 non girdled (Billet caps/ *centers)
218/212 Billet Roller (hyd)
Ported Champion GN1's ( from V6 beast)
Forged internals
Ported stock intake
TD roller rockers (custom)
Weber Racing Products built.
... I have been helping my dad get this thing together and running to run some track numbers. Alot of help on here thru searching endlessly. We are really excited its all coming back together after a mishap earlier this summer that slowed us down getting some track numbers. My father and I have been playing with these cars for a while learning some things the hard way and some the easy way. Mostly through this board. Seems like it never ends.. Lol. And to top off this build I am being told that this build will be in an upcoming GM Hightech magazine article. Which has us even more stoked about this build. More to come and learn from this point on...Thanks Weber and Thanks Hope you guys like it..:)
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Thanks for the compliments. :) Will definitely post up our progress in the coming weeks.

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Very nice. What is the rest of the build?
Thanks.. Nothing special.
Turbo: Precision 67/66 billet bb w/ Gn1 FMIC
Alky: Alky control single nozzle/ pump gas
Inj: 85#
Fuel pump: dual (307's) in tank racetronix
Ecm: FAST XFI from Hartline
Trans: Art Carr billet 200r4 w/ Art Carr 3500 n/l
... Heres a pic with the old motor
ImageUploadedByTurboBuick Mobile1382246351.130112.jpg

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