Dash Noise



:mad: So... I have THE dash noise, you know, the one that makes an awfull creaking/chirping noise when I go over bumps, curbs, etc. Any way to get rid of this. I do plan on installing the back seat braces, as well as the frame braces up front. Any body else solve this problem?
Try rubbing some grease on the rubber bushing under the hood. It's just below the windshield where the center of the hood rides. It will sometimes cause what you're describing. HTH
Yup, go get some vaseline and put it on the center hood support pad near the windshield from under the hood of course. You will be amazed how many dash-rattles go away using this technique.
thanks guys, very intersting as I thought the noise was coming from the dash itself. My dad told me to grease the bushings, and i was like no, you don't understand, the dash is making noise.:D darn punk teenagers that think they know everything. wait...doh!
Sometimes those noises are tough to trace though. Try the bushing first & see what happens. BTW, Jim suggested vasoline, & that's what I put on mine about a month ago. Which ever you've got handy will work.:)
I have the same noise. It drives me INSANE!! THe worst is when people ask you what the problem is. It really sounds like a piece of metal is hitting the windshield. I'll try the hood bumpers tomorrow.
I finally found what my noise was then. ( I used to be Four-Four-Two untill my account dissapeared and the mods wouldn't return my emails? :mad: ) anyways, :D It was the little hood stopper that is up by the windshield wipers. I just put a swab of vasaline on it about every 2 weeks or so, haven't had the noise since.
I dont have any rattles from the dash area. All my rattling & squeeking is from the t-tops. Drives me insane too, but I'll be installing braces eventually. And some new weatherstripping and seals as soon as I have the cash to blow on them. That crap is expensive.