Dash pad speaker question.


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Apr 10, 2011
Hello gentlemen. I'm not sure what this battery looking thing is. It came with my new speakers. The directions have no mention of it. I spin wrenches , not an audio guy. Please advise.


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That's a capacitor, aka bass blocker... wire it into the positive wire. Mike
Is a capacitor necessary? Id I have to install it? They are tiny dash speakers. 3/1/2
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Not totally necessary.... just don't go crazy with the bass adjustment...
It’s best to use it. Your system will sound better if you don’t make speakers do what they’re not designed to do.
A 3 1/2” speaker isn’t going to reproduce bass and will only distort. Ok, it will do alright at low volumes, but not when you crank it up. There isn’t any reason to send bass to it to begin with.
If you have an amp that limits the bass frequencies to the dash speakers, then the capacitor isn’t necessary.
No amp. Just the concert sound original
Install it inline with the positive lead. Cutting the low frequencies off from those speakers doesn't just reduce distortion from sending a signal to the speakers they can't audibly reproduce, it'll prevent the dash cover from rattling. It'll also prolong the life of the speakers by preventing over-excursion of the driver, which can damage the surround and the coil.
Just solder it into the positve wire where its convenient. Better to use it than not.
Thank you gentleman. I guess I'll get to soldering. If it was up to me the exhaust sound is more than enough music but my son needs "Tunes" as he calls it. Kids....