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Sep 22, 2003
Last weekend my girlfriend and I are drivin in my dads Yukon XL on our way to pick up my GN. On the way a riced out Neon starts revvin at the light. So I put it in neutral and rev the truck. Put it back in drive and hit the tow/haul button. At green we go, he squealed his tires and the Yukon took off. My girlfriend waived at him as we pulled ahead. I cut out after a one yukon length gap was created. I won in a frickin Yukon XL with a stock 5.3 V8 with a K&N drop in filter. I had like 2 tons of weight on him. Funniest race I have ever been in.


Z06 - can't you and The DON understand THIS IS A TURBO BUICK BOARD and know that MOST of us are getting fed up with this???

WHY WHY WHY do we have to go read these posts just to find out it was a F.....G pickup truck???

ROLLIN - Please help!!!!
This is a Kill/Fish board. On a buick site. It states "Post your kill / fish stories here! These are always fun to read. DRIVE RESPONSIBLY" It dosnt say that you have to be in a buick. So tlturbo dont be so shalow. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. Hope someone else thought this event was as funny as i did.

Sad Day for the Streets

First let me say that I have done very little street racing in the past few years. In high school I would spend $40 a night in race gas racing whatever seemed a worthy opponent. I had a Trans Am with a RAM III setup. That all changed when I thought I was going to watch a couple Mustangs run but instead it turned out to be me racing. Needless to say the only car approaching us was squad car. The Mustang turned right and I turned left. The cop followed me and after a ticket for 82 in a 45 my street racing was over.

Here is my point. It seems like a sad day when all us Buick Fellows are forced to read posts for races against 3 ton vehicles, school buses, or whatever vehicle turns up in this forum. If you have a fast car you should know exactly where to go in your town to pick up a race. That's what I want to hear about! If you are having that much fun racing your Yukon, Yellow Dog or Fiat sell your Buick to someone who can appreciate it. Oh by the way I hear some people even race riding lawnmowers. Next thing you know people will post these kill stories here.
In no way is the Yukon fast. It is fun/funny to be able to out run vehicles that people put money into to make fast with the 3rd biggest vehicle on the road. Nothing compares to the Buick for racing, and the reason that the tango started is that I was on my way to pick up my GN. If I was in the buick i would have laughed at the neon and not given it the time of day. By the way the new tranny with 2800 stall is much nicer than the old slipping one with a 1600 stall. It is funny as hell to watch those racing lawn mowers. I wouldnt mind hittin the no2 to get done mowin a half hour quicker. LOL:D

Why are guys getting all bent out of shape just because his kill
wasn't in a TR...Quit bytchin....If you don't like, just skip it.....Geez all the whining & cryin is ridiculous besides I don't see alot of posts' about other cars besides TR kills....Geez some people need to get a life....


NO - some people need to grow up and understand that the MAIN REASON we joined the Turbo Buiclk Board is because we have one, we like the car and enjoy reading about them. It is really annoying to come on the TURBO BUICK KILL BOARD expecting to read about someone in a TB killing a vette or something neat and having to read about some teenager in his moms pickup or his girlfriends rice crap whipping up on some other piece of crap. WE ARE HERE to read about Turbo Buicks. Like I said before, IF you want to talk about other kills, take it to the lounge or to the AOL car Chat where you can talk with all the other kids.

I for one would like to see this board restricted to Turbo Buick owners ONLY but That will never happen.

I can understand and respect your viewpoint but it seemed to me that the guy posted a kill and ppl started jumping down his throat...

tlturbo if you dont have anything nice to say DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. Sorry that a Kill was posted in the KILL/FISH section. Since you didnt see anything you were interested in reading, you should have just stopped reading, and read somthing you liked.

Hey "I eat zo6" I thought "senior" member ment somthing apparently not. Please write something worthy of reading or don't write nothing at all.:mad:
Z06 - And just HOW do you suggest I know NOT to read something when it is posted in the TURBO BUICK KILL and FISH section?

I guarantee that if you ask how to fix something other than a Buick powered vehicle in the Tech section, you would be politely told this was not the place because it was for Turbo Buicks only. So please tell me WHY you think the Kill and Fish section has different guidelines?
You know, this time of year, a lot of us put our Buicks away for the winter season. If you think there are a lot of kills to read about now, wait a couple of months, there wont be any! Reading about anything killing a ricer is better than reading nothing.

Its not like there are a bunch of trolls posting random kills here. That I might see becoming a problem.

So if Raven writes a story, and it doesnt involve a Buick racing something, wheres he gonna post it?
Z06 - And just HOW do you suggest I know NOT to read something when it is posted in the TURBO BUICK KILL and FISH section?
I guarantee that if you ask how to fix something other than a Buick powered vehicle in the Tech section, you would be politely told this was not the place because it was for Turbo Buicks only. So please tell me WHY you think the Kill and Fish section has different guidelines?

does anyone know the number for the "WAAAAMBULANCE?:( :( ?"
Just coz a kill isnt related to a TR doesnt mean its illegal to post it. People on the board do drive different cars occasionally. So whats wrong w/ sharing a funny story once in a while? Expand your horizons an stop whining about stupid little stuff.
The following post was made by our MODERATOR - Rollin (Geoff) about this time last year as we encountered the same problem.

I believe this explains the sentiment of the board moderators quite well for those of you that think this is an OPEN board.

If you want to read the REST of this thread and the childish "why can't we do whatever we want" replies and Geoff's answers to them, do a search for ROLLIN on the Kill board and look for the thread - READ THIS.

If this policy has changed, I haven't seen it, but I will accept it and shut up.

Please read
I have been reading alot of Kill/fish stories unrelated to the BB were here for. I know its winter and alot of our cars are put up, meaning the stories are slow. But this is a "TR Buick Forum" it is here for "TR Buicks". As much as I love the occasional street encounter, I hate to be the meany. In the future please keep your stories of Buick related content, don't be suprised if your Non-related racing story disappears.


buick site, yes its a about buicks, and buick people. i'm not a huge fan of reading about people in their whatever car it might be racing something else, but did it kill you to read it? i thought it was kind of funny, we have a buick guy, going to pick up his gn, and hes picking on some rice. wahts wrong with that? people drive more than just gn's every day, if i had my choice i wouldn't drive mine everyday. that would leave me driving something else on the street, while all the fast and the furious fans are out in their "fast cars". i'm go out saying go out and race anything with wheels, but if you raced somethign, no matter what you were driving and you had fun i dont' mind reading about it.

if you and your friends went to kind soopers and took their handy caped people karts and went racing down the potato ship isle, i'm not going to say "thats funny but i dont' want to read about it here."

I really don't know where i'm going with this other than, do what you want to do, someone will always have a problem...
I am glad to see that people think that my story was funny. I was not asking how to fix the truck, I was posting about a kill with the truck. But if somthing broke on the Yukon I would most likely post it on the tech session b/c most of the people that go to this site want to learn things and help others with their knowlage. And someone might also own more than a Buick and be able to give some info. Buick owners generally try to help one another.

oh what the hell

Did i miss something i swear i typed in turbobuick.com and not lilgirlsfighting.com come on guys dont stress each other a kill is a kill is a kill unless it is a ricer winning than i want nothing to do with it lol.. we are all turbo buick owners or fans of these amazing machines so lets leave it at that , now kiss and make up :D
wow, get over it people. it is not that big of a deal to waste a couple of bytes of your bandwith to read a funny story
I feel ya Z06. I ran into this prob. a yr ago when I posted a kill about my Spirit Rt beating a 85 GN. I was attacked by the Buick family. Although, some of the bretheren were supportive. Althogh verbally I can hold my own, It's funny to go to a site where some people get all excited on a FISH/KILL board about a post that either does not involve a TR or a TR getting beat when the poster usually has a TR and a pretty fast 1 too. Get over urselves! We r all in the same game here. At least I think. BTW funny kill Z06.