De-Fanged a Viper GTS


11 Second V6
May 25, 2001
Finally, I got a race! It's been a few months since I got to race anything (Besides Crash's Lumina:eek: ). I get out to go to lunch today and a Red w/ silver Viper GTS has to stop at the light for me to get out. Guess he didn't like that because he came up fast (Turned the same way he was going). Didn't let him get in front of me as we got to the free way on ramp. I got on it pretty hard getting on the freeway and wait for him to get out of traffic. Once on the free way he makes it all the way over to the fast lane and starts trying to pull me, let him get up to my bumper and then lay into that Alky. He never did get in front of me, I looked down and the speedo needle wasn't to be seen, that was fast enough for me:D . What a shame an expensive exotic losing to a 15 year old "granny car" that needs paint.
Nice kill

If I spend 80k for a Viper GTS and got beat by an old Buick I think I'd feel like this :mad: :( :confused: It's a shame u didn't get to tell him that the "granny car" that beat his big bad V10 (488ci) GTS Viper only has a little 231ci V6 :D
That sounds like the one Lee raced the other week, give him a call. He also laid the smack down on the guy, he should be trading it in soon for that GN over on San Mateo :)
I never get to race these guys! I have been lined up at a light with a GTS and the man driving wouldn't give me the time of day! I just left him sitting there and gave him a little show. He took off like a Geo Metro! TODAY, on the way to work I get lined up against a Carrera Twin-Turbo! I'm instantly FILLED with adrenaline and know this guy aint no joke (I wondered if I was going to finally get dethroned!). Light turned green and I blasted off, looked in my rear mirror and he was putting away from the light at a nice leisurly pace as if he didn't even see me! There was a new GT Mustang behind me and he caught up to me , of course after I let out, and gave me a big thumbs up. These damn exoctic cars around here are ALL show NO GO!
Tell me about it! I used to live in Northern Phoenix for a year, and I only got a few races, none of them were anything special, raced a Rotary RX7 in the Iroc, and a newer T/A in the '86 Vette that I had for a while. But hey, at least you've got the Pavillions to at least show it off, right?
I miss the Phoenix heat!:cool:
Every ricer in the valley is willing to race but that just plain aint any fun. I have raced a few LS1's and Mustangs but nothing too hard to handle. I tore up a Z06 also on the freeway a while back, that was a pretty controversial subject (even ended up on the Vette boards). The bottom line is, the ricers are running rampid out here now, specially north west Phoenix. I see alot of exotics around the Scottsdale area but they never want to play. Oh well, thats life in the Turbo Buick!
Oh yea, I rember reading all about that Z06, didn't he compare you to a "alcohol injected dragster"? Gotta love I-17! Everybody here drives crazy, but in Phoenix, at least they know how. I-17 bumper to bumper and running at least 80MPH:D .

It was a sad thing, moved out there after High School to go to DeVry and there wasn't any rice here in Alb., then a year later, I moved back and it was everywhere. I've even seen a C4 with a big A$$ wing on the back:mad:
Yea, some bone head from the vette board said something like "It takes a Alchohol Injected Dragster to beat a Z06, not impressive." I wish we could have found out who them guys were. It was obviuosly some kinda vette club. You don't see 10 vettes all together tooling down I-17 everyday, I think they all had CB antennaes too :)
Do you have any updated times with your Alky? It is definetly no easy feat to pull a GTS on the freeway! I am running stronger then ever now that I am getting this tuning stuff down better!
No new times yet, that 13.7 was without the SMC kit, no race gas (Well 100 Octane, but didn't use a race chip), and No THDP (The stock puck wasn't even sealing the wg!) Raced up in Pueblo last September at the Rocky Mountain Buick Club meet. No Dragstrip here yet, one is supposedly opening up next spring.
Re: Nice kill

Originally posted by 86brick
If I spend 80k for a Viper GTS and got beat by an old Buick I think I'd feel like this :mad: :( :confused: It's a shame u didn't get to tell him that the "granny car" that beat his big bad V10 (488ci) GTS Viper only has a little 231ci V6 :D

It's great beating one of these things as you just don't get to many chances to "play" with one. :D I don't have "V10 EATR" in my sig. for nothing ya no!!;) The best part was hitting the next light and not even being acknowledged!:eek:
Don't Be Hate'n on vipers!!!!!!!!! I don't want to start a flame war but, My car will probably smoke a stock viper, but my dad drives a pretty bad a$$ viper (way faster than stock)! I have spent many hours turning wrenches on vipers. I undertstand that for the same amount of money you can go make a fast a$$ grand nat. or an old camaro or mopar. But that would probably only a drag car. A viper is a different kind of fast. you can go road race, drag race and auto cross. It is a very versitile car. Now, I know what your thinking, you can do that with a grand nat. or a turbo regal, but These cars aren't as prestigous. The viper has won the 24hrs at Lemans several times. A turbo regal, and a viper are in two different classes. If you pulled up to the line with a slightly modified Grand National and there was a stock viper next to you I would bet money on the grand national. If you went road racing against a viper I would put money on the viper, the same goes for a top speed race, and auto crossing. I love my grand National, but if I had to choose betwwen a viper or a Grand Nat. I would pick a viper. I hate to say this, but personally I think the viper is a better looking car, granted it does not get as good of fuel mileage, and does not hold as many people, I think it has some serious guts under it's hood. A turbo regal is more of a "sleeper" and that is one of the main reasons I got a Grand National. I can't wait to go smoke a couple of A$$ holes I know who own vipers in my Grand National. I do like to see the no one thinks would win, win a race. But seriously guys, a viper is a flat out VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER!!!! IF you want a good race pull up next to a venom650r or another souped up viper.
Speaking of the Venom Vipers, you should read the thread about John Hennessey in the Turbo Lounge. Yea, seems like you won't be pulling up to many more of those :D .
He is a freaking crook, but his cars are fast. At least they were when he had his good techs in the shop. I believe my dad's car was the last good one to come out of that shop. It is a shame Jhon Hennessy has no soul.
I read that John Lingenfelter has his own Viper package and it's faster than Hennesy's. Puts out over 700HP!!! I think the package is over $30K.
Yes, he does but that involves boring the bottom end out. I know guys that make those same numbers with a heads cam kit.
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These damn exoctic cars around here are ALL show NO GO!

You need to roll down the windows and talk some smack. Like ..."hey, that's a nice it pretty fast?" I said "nice Acura" to a couple of C5s and one time an old guy actually went for it.

Don't be shy. But just think, a 911TT starts at $120k. People who owns those are people who don't need to wreck it or cause a wreck where they'll be sued up the ying yang.
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Don't Be Hate'n on vipers!!!!!!!!!

Class envy I guess. Everytime I beat a C5 in my Rustang, I don't think that my car is better or that he wasted his money on a car 5 times the cost.