detonating at 10lbs of boost!!??


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I have an 87 turbo t-type with the only mods being jay carter 28-93 chip, walbro hotwired fuel pump, 3 inch mass air pipe and 2.5 inch exhaust. I run nothing but 94 octane in the car and yet I'm getting detonation at only 8-10 lbs of boost....Has this happened to anyone here? I don't have a scan tool yet and I don't really know where to start looking. Is it possible the chip is giving me too much timing? Can I just pull the chip out? Could it be a bad plug? If I can just pull the chip where is it located? Sorry for all the questions but I'm new to turbo buicks and I'm still learning..Thanks for your help....
Did you just get the car? Maybe bad gas in the tank. High timing is the first thing that comes to mind. Swap a chip if possible.

Are sure about the type of chip it is?
I'm pretty sure about the chip. I did get the car recently but it's been through 4 or 5 tanks of gas already...I don't have anything else to put in it for a chip...
How do you know you have knock? Is it audible? You need a scan tool to find out HOW MUCH timing the computer is pulling back. If you just have one of those lights it may only be 1 degree of knock retard.
It's an audible ping. I've had several supercharged cars before so I know the telltale sound of detonation but this is the first time I've dealt with a chip controling my timing. I can't see any reason i should be getting detonation at that low of a boost level.