Detonation at WOT

I was doing my body bushings yesterday and I am using the kit from Prothane. There is absolutely no way the number three bushing in the kit fits in the recess in the car. Anyone else used this kit run into this? Also, how did you get the body off the frame? When I lift on the body it moves about a inch or two and then starts to lift the frame. Makes it really hard to get the new bushings in
I think #3 needed a little adjustment but not the other bushings.. If you follow the directions from the job was not to bad. I believe I had to drill the washer hole bigger for #3 bushing but other than that was able to get all 14 bushings in. You have to have all seven bolts out of one side and not put any bolts back in until all seven bushings are in. My body went up as far as I wanted it to no issues
Good luck and fo;;ow the directions to a tee.