dfi gen 6@alky

It will work the same, adn you can tap of the output from the sensor no problem, Only thing is you will have to take out alot of fuel in the map becuase it will go pig rich and slow down. Make a map for pump gas and make a new map for alky. :smile:
Norbs.. whats a pump gas map? :p

Hate to say it.. Norbs is rite :biggrin:

Cost... please off list. PM, phone call, email, letter, etc :)

Cheers :wink:
steve davis said:
i hate to act dumb,but what is a fuel map.and why 2 maps.steve

How much fuel is dumped into the motor. RPM vs boost. Its part of your VE tables.

Actually one map... alky one. I never made a non alky map, as I rely on having a system all the time. Setting two different boost levels would be easier. Like a low setting of 22 and a high setting of 28.. or 17 and 24.. or .. etc. The controller will add alky as the boost increases. As will your computer.. but not as aggressive.
i'll see how it works out for steve 1st, since i too have dfi, & was considering it......razor will our car's need to be re-tuned??
MIKES86GN said:
razor will our car's need to be re-tuned??

Yes.. as additional fuel will be shot into the motor(alky)

So fuel will need to be pulled from the VE tables at WOT..