diff. between 84 & 85 wiring harness???


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Oct 24, 2003
what is the difference between 84 & 85 wiring harness

i bought a 85 motor and trans and harness
then bought an 84 with no motor
will the 85 go right in the 84 or do i have to use the wiring harness from the 85??

Should be the same

Long as both are from a turbo car either should work. The only difference between the two years is the powermaster and the hydraboost. This has no effect on the harness.
For what it is worth, not all 85's came with a powermaster system...my 85 GN has a hydroboost system.

COOLANT temp sensor Different

Originally posted by T- Type Tim
Your 85 is actually a mid year 84

THE 1985 harness uses the Isolated 2 pin coolant temperature sensor,

the 1984 uses the single pin unit, all you have to do is buy the sensor for the 84 and plug and play.

25036979<> 2 pin sensor-85-86-87, what is on your car now.

25036092<> button terminal<1984 what you may need to get