Dipped into the 9's for the first time at Buick vs Ford


Jan 12, 2018
Had a great time at my first trip to Buick vs Ford. After a few tries I hit a 9.95 in a tagged and inspected, 3660 pound car.



109 Full Roller & Gridled. Steel Crank, Diamond Pistons, K1 Rods,
Champion CNC Ported Iron Heads, T&D Roller Rockers, 216/219 cam
Champion Ported stock intake
Precision 6466 Billet Ball Bearing Turbo
TR6 Ignition
GN1 Performance headers
GN1 Performance 3 inch down pipe with external gate
RJC Power Plate
Fast XFI 2.0 with E-Dash tuned by Cal Hartline running E85
RJC Mega Front Mount Intercooler
Extreme Automatics Stage 2 – 200R4 with Electric trans-brake-2step at 3800
Quick Performance Ford 9’ – Full spool with 35 spline axels. 3.50 gears
Detroit Speed double adjustable Coil-Overs rears at 50/50

Aluminum Fuel Cell by Aeromotive
Aeromotive Eliminator in tank pump and
Aeromotive pressure regulator
160lb Injectors
Kenny Bell Boost A Pump
-10 supply lines
-8 Return
Awesome man! I was parked a couple cars over from you in my black 2000 Camaro SS.

You have a beautiful car!
What did you change from the previous post where you asked about the 60 ft times? The mid tens runs ?
What did you change from the previous post where you asked about the 60 ft times? The mid tens runs ?
I think the biggest difference was the weather. I did turn the boost controller a bit more (worth a psi or two) but the outside temps were a good 30 degrees cooler. Still a terrible 60 foot.
That's quite an achievement. Fantastic!!

Thank you!

that a real soft 60ft for a 9sec pass,alot of potential there!congrats

Yes sir, Im still not sure where the improvements are to be made to lower the 60ft. This spring I'll be on new tires, and I'll get more practice with the Detroit Speed suspension. I also hope to be better at logging to see if the torque converter is doing its job.
On this run I left at 3500 rpm off the trans brake and 2step at about 15psi. Then max is about 34psi at WOT. Ive unloaded the suspension at any higher rpm on 325's. Weight transfer is probably off due to shock adjustment. Im still just learning it.