Direct Scan Discovery!!!!!!!!!

Vader 87

May 25, 2001
I dont know if this is old but i have one of the Toshiba laptops that are listed as being prone to have problems with DS and i havent been able to get it to work for nothing. Ive tried and tried everything for 2 months then all the sudden i try running it in safe mode and IT WORKS!!!!!!! It has zero problems now and works great!!! No more borrowing laptops from the neighbor. Ill bet all the laptops that are listed on can be done like this. If you have been having problems try this and post what happens.

Vader, I also have a 4 yr old 3010 slim deal toshiba and I'll sure give that a try once I get home and let you know. When I tried it the first time it had all the symptoms, mph when not moving, several 143 blm's and such.
mine was doing the thing where it flashes all that crazy info at ya when the keys in the on position but not cranked and when i crank it it would always say hardware timeout. But now problem solved!!!;)

Well, no such luck for my laptop. I've got a slim dynabook SS 3010 and even booting in safe mode or to the command prompt it still thinks I'm doing 15mph not even running. I've ordered the hardware module so hopefully that will work with it.
Thanks for the try,
Call Conleys and tell her you need the adapter made by chu this makes the issue go away and you can run the direct scan like it is supposed to. Explain you are getting the errors listed and he will make you the adapter I believe the charge is 0 if you have registered software.