Direct Scan help


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May 24, 2001
could someone tell me how to create a buffer or how to save realtime files? Just installed the scan tool and have no clue on how to open or save files.
When you are ready to make a pass, put it in "Real time display" mode, then pick one of the 3 options after that 1. text 2.dial, or 3. scope. It doesnt matter which one you pick, as long as it is in "real time" mode. I always use the text display mode. When you are ready to go, hit the spacebar once. Go make your pass, then hit the spacebar again. After that, go to "file menu", then go to "save buffer" You will get a screen that asks what you want to name this file. Lets say RUN1. Then, you will come to a screen that says "comments". I usually put how much boost i was running, the outside temp, and the date.

When you want to go back to view this file, go to the main screen, click on "buffer redisplay" You have to make sure that RUN1 is loaded first. If it isnt, go to "file menu" and choose "load buffer". Then click on RUN1. Go back to the main screen and choose "buffer redisplay" and you can watch your run. HTH
Thanks dude, I just got it too and ws wondering the same thing. Funny how they don't put the STUFF THAT MATTERS in the instructions. Thanks again...Mark